Buying Sex is a Crime

In Canada, Buying Sex is a Crime

End the Demand

It is estimated that in Canada

men purchase sex

A Hidden Crime

Sexual exploitation is a crime, and it is often hidden. Those who are being exploited may not see themselves as victims, and may not come forward to law enforcement because of fear of retaliation from their exploiters/traffickers by way of threats to themselves and/or to their families, because of mistrust of police, lack of awareness of legal rights; feelings of embarrassment and humiliation; drug addiction; and financial debt to traffickers. 2

1. Victor Malarek
2. RCMP Human Trafficking National Coordination Centre:

Prostitution Legislation

According to Canada’s prostitution legislation, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, enacted in December, 2014,

It is an offence to purchase sexual services or communicate with anyone for the purpose of purchasing sexual services, in any location.

Human trafficking and all other forms of sexual exploitation are based on the economic principle of supply and demand. If we hope to stop the supply of children and adults who are for sale, then we must address the demand.